Hand lever & accessories for hand-operated directl. control valve BM


Scope of supply with counter nut
Material Steel

Article Table

Product Name for valve type L mm Design Weight kg
Product Name for valve type L mm Design Weight kg
HK BM40 DBAL HK BM40 180 Hand lever 0,20
HK BM70 DBAL HK BM150 210 Hand lever 0,20
HK BM40 DBSF HK BM40 - Rubber cap 0,05
HK BM70 DBSF HK BM150 - Rubber cap 0,05
HK BM40 DBLE HK BM40 - Lever housing 0,20
HK BM70 DBLE HK BM150 - Lever housing 0,20


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