Coil for HK DG4V3 solenoid-operated valve


Corresponding connectors HKSP664, HKSP666, HKSP667, HKSP668, HKSP669 (rectifier plug)


As far as AC coils are concerned, power input is considerably higher in the take-up phase than in the stopping phase. These must therefore never be operated without a magnet core since there is a danger of overheating and the coil can burn through. A similar effect occurs if valves with AC magnets are operated with extremely high pulse frequencies (On / Off). In such cases the coils, which are often in the vicinity of the high power input, can also overheat. For such applications the use of RC coils with rectifier plugs is recommended.
With DC coils extremely high power spikes can occur during powering down. We therefore recommend the use of plugs with protective circuits when using such coils.
Tightening torque for attaching nuts of the solenoid coils: 3Nm

Article Table

Product Name Nominal voltage +/- 10 % Average power consumption W Weight kg
Product Name Nominal voltage +/- 10 % Average power consumption W Weight kg
HK DG4V3 G 12VDC 12 VDC 30 0,55
HK DG4V3 H 24VDC 24 VDC 30 0,55
HK DG4V3 A 110VAC 110 VAC 7 0,55
HK DG4V3 EP 230VAC 230 VAC 7 0,55

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