Flat cylinders 700 bar single-acting with lock nut


Design hard chrome-plated pistons, Hardened valvehead, max. stroke 50 mm, retraction on load, with lock nut for positive and safe load holding
Scope of supply with female quick coupling 3/8"-18 NPT
Material Steel
Operating pressure max. 700 bar


Flat cylinders combine compact design with maximum stroke. Ideal where space is at a premium.
Care must be taken that no lateral forces are transmitted to the guide rings.
Flat, compact design
Plunger wiper seals to prevent soiling
All cylinders have a moving thrust piece and special coating for enhanced corrosion protection.


Attention: Please observe separate safety precautions for working with 700 bar equipment (see technical information)!

Article Table

Product Name Stroke mm Area cm2 A mm B mm D mm F J mm L mm Volume cc Weight kg
Product Name Stroke mm Area cm2 A mm B mm D mm F J mm L mm Volume cc Weight kg
HK STX 05005 50 70,8 125 175 120 Tr 95 x 4 21,0 92,0 355 11
HK STX 14004 45 200,9 148 193 205 Tr 160 x 6 38,0 147,5 905 39


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