Bypass flow filter system Type C

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Media Mineral oil, Synthetic oils, turbine oils, vegetable oils
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Partial flow filter systems increase the reliability and operational readiness of many hydraulic and lubricating oil systems. Oil filtering prolongs the service life not only of the machine
but also of the entire system. When a partial flow system is used
the filter can work permanently without being affected by changes in pressure or volume flow in the main system. The equipment is particularly notable for its compact construction and low noise level.

Article Table

Product Name Gewicht kg Anlagengröße* Spannung Leistung kW Volumenstrom max. l/min
Product Name Gewicht kg Anlagengröße* Spannung Leistung kW Volumenstrom max. l/min
NSFATYPC80/400V3.0 45 kg bis 5000 Liter 400 V 3.0 kW 80.0 l/min
NSFATYPC80/380V3.0 45 kg up to 2500 litres 380 V 3.0 kW 80.0 l/min
System size serves only a reference value

Order hints

Alle Filteranlagen werden ohne Filterelemente geliefert., Andere Volumenströme und Motorleistungen auf Anfrage


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