PA 700 HS VA

Swage fitting, CES

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Application area Swage fitting for HD 700 hoses
Connection 1 metric cylindrical outer thread
Integration with pull-out protection (interlock)
Material Stainless steel
Scope of supply Swage nipple + swage ferrule
Sealing form 1 24° inner cone
Short code CES
Standard ISO 8434-1

Article Table

Product Name S1 G1 for external pipe Ø mm Series Inches DN Size
Product Name S1 G1 for external pipe Ø mm Series Inches DN Size
PA 720 HS VA 36 M 36 x 2 25 S 3/4" 19 12
PA 725 HS 20 VA 36 M 36 x 2 25 - 1" 25 16
PA 732 HS VA 55 M 52 x 2 38 S 1.1/4" 31 20
DN = Nenndurchmesser, Nennweite


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