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Anwendung Hydraulics
Design Wipers
Installation bend the wiper into a kidney shape and press into the locating groove
Material FPM
Media Mineral oil, Water emulsions
Online-Shop https://shop.hansa-flex.com/de/WRMFPM
Sliding speed max. 0.5 m/s
Temp. max. 200 °C
Temp. min. -30 °C


Easy assembly.
Simple solution.
Low spatial requirement.

Article Table

Product Name C mm D mm d mm L mm
Product Name C mm D mm d mm L mm
WRM078110FPM 23 mm 28.6 mm 20 mm 5.3 mm
WRM086118FPM 25 mm 30.6 mm 22 mm 5.3 mm
WRM098129FPM 28 mm 33.6 mm 25 mm 5.3 mm
WRM110141FPM 31 mm 36.6 mm 28 mm 5.3 mm
WRM118149FPM 33 mm 38.6 mm 30 mm 5.3 mm
WRM137169FPM 38 mm 43.6 mm 35 mm 5.3 mm
WRM157188FPM 43 mm 48.6 mm 40 mm 5.3 mm
WRM220259FPM 60 mm 66.6 mm 56 mm 5.3 mm
WRM236267FPM 63 mm 68.6 mm 60 mm 5.3 mm
WRM275307FPM 73 mm 78.6 mm 70 mm 5.3 mm
WRM275314FPM 74 mm 80.6 mm 70 mm 5.3 mm
WRM433480FPM 116 mm 122.2 mm 110 mm 7.1 mm
WRM708787FPM 190 mm 200.0 mm 180 mm 10.2 mm

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