Fluid service


Quick oil-check on site

Hydraulic oil is an important engineering element in hydraulic systems, but maintaining it is often neglected. Yet regular oil care is one of the crucial factors in ensuring trouble-free operation, because all the hydraulic components in mobile or stationary hydraulic systems move on a film of oil that is less than 10 μm thick. By comparison: A human hair is roughly 70 μm thick. This extremely thin oil film ensures the smooth functioning of the machines, but requires oil that is 100% clean.

 In practice, however, over 80 percent of all fluids in hydraulic systems display a high level of contamination. Contamination levels of >12A according to SAE AS 4059 or >ISO 22/19/16 are not uncommon in hydraulic systems. This makes effective oil care all the more important. Even fresh oil is often contaminated before it is delivered. It is therefore not sufficient to just occasionally change the hydraulic oil and system filter. To reliably avoid increased component wear and malfunctions, possibly including total shutdown, choose the HANSA-FLEX Fluid Service.