Hose Management


Hose management with X-CODE

In a complex machine, every hose is different – in diameter and length, in material and pressure resistance, in hose nipple and fitting. Some hoses are replaced or modified during the course of time, and depending on the application hoses should be changed at particular intervals – quite apart from unplanned standstills. Keeping track of the replacement intervals of each individual hose line in complex plants or large machine parks is a true logistical feat. The HANSA-FLEX X-CODE and the MY.HANSA-FLEX customer portal makes this complex task quite simple.

Hose line management at a glance

In conjunction with the MY.HANSA-FLEX customer portal, the X-CODE becomes the perfect tool for our customers to easily manage all their hose lines. Users of MY.HANSA-FLEX see at a glance how long each individual hose line has been in operation. The hose lines are registered, classified and marked in the personal database. Inspection and maintenance intervals, for example, can thus be pro-actively planned. On request, HANSA-FLEX handles the hose management for the customer. Dates for inspection and maintenance can then be integrated into the processes on site in such a way that the production is not interrupted. Preventive maintenance couldn't be planned more efficiently.