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Filter element for single use adsorber


  • replacement cartridge without coupling 
  • Type EV: with valves 
  • Housing: Aluminium and acrylic 

Product description

Further information
Silica gel consists of about 99 % of silicon dioxide (SiO2) and is classified as a synthetic polar and hydrophilic desiccant. It possesses due to its high porosity, a large internal surface area of up to 800 m2/g.This enables a very high water holding capacity. In adsorber filters silica gel is often added with a color indicator. Color changes indicate the water content and therefore the progress of the loading of the desiccant. According to EU legislation (Regulation EC No 1272/2008) silica gel is not classified as a dangerous substance. It is not subject to classification according to EC Directives (67/548/EEC and 1999/45/EC). Silica gel is not among the health and environmentally hazardous substances.

Product variants

13 Results
for filter type
for filter type
Details / items
HK FI AD 0800 EV N AF  
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HK FI AD 0400 EV N AF  
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HK FI AD 5400 EV N AF  
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HK FI AD 1800 EV N AF  
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HK FI AD 0050 EV N AF  
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HK FI AD 3600 EV N AF  
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HK FI AD 0100 EV N AF  
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