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Industrial hoses

93 Variants
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Operating pressure
Water temp. min.
Min. bending radius
OP at 20°C (stat.)
Max. operating pressure
Roll length
Nominal size Storz
Weight per m
BD* for air
BD* at 20 °C
Test pressure
Special features
Burst pressure
Water temp. max.
Temp. max.
Temp. range
External Ø min.
Outer layer
External Ø
External Ø nom.
Internal Ø nom.
Internal Ø max.
Temp. min.
External Ø max.
Cog space
Internal Ø
Internal Ø min.
Inner layer
Wall thickness
Hose material
only per spool
ID x Wall thickness
Connection 2
Connection 1
Connection 1 + 2
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Water temp. min.
Nominal size Storz
BD* for air
Special features
low weight  resistant to temperature and weatherproof  high abrasion resistance  Phthalate-free tested in accordance with 1907/2006 / EC (REACH)  hardnesscolon 95 - 98 Shore A  very good cold flexibility  electrical resistance R less than 1,000,000 Ohm  flexible  geeignet für ATEX (Klassifizierung im Vorfeld erforderlich)  vacuum-resistant 675 mmHg (26.6 in Hg)  weatherproof  Type Ω/T in accordance with EN 12115 ( R 106 Ω, R 109 Ω through the hose wall)  abrasion index according to DIN 53516 , 65 mm³  antistatic inner and outer rubber  durable  exceptionally abrasion resistant  extremely durable, flexible, resistant to pressure and abrasion, UV and weatherproof  oil and petrol resistant pressure hose  pricked  smooth flow channel, vacuum resistant  smooth outer cover  suitable for use as pressure hose in the chemical industry  very good resistance to coolants, oils and cleaning agents  very good resistance to ozone, UV and classic aging processes  very highly resistant to high and low temperatures  weather proof and aging resistant  Erfüllt die Anforderung der UBA KTW Richtlinie (Kaltwasser bis +55 °C)  Type Ω/T in accordance with EN 12115 ( R 106 Ω)  UV resistant  aging and ozone resistant EPDM compound  attached on both sides with light metal Storz couplings  considerable weight reduction  electrical resistance R through the hose wall less than 1,000,000,000 Ohm  electrically conductive  exceptionally flexible  exceptionally light, kink resistant and flexible (even when cold)  extremely abrasion resistant top cover  extremely durable due to inserts with high tear strength  extremely versatile  flat rollable with no interconnections  free from LABS, separating agents and grease  hardnesscolon approx. 77 Shore A  high temperature, abrasion and ozone resistance  highly elastic and ductile, exceptionally good adhesion values  highly flexible and sturdy  highly flexible and traversable  hoch flexibel und absolut geruchs- und geschmacksneutral  homogeneous, smooth and unplasticised  kink and impact resistant, traversable  low flow resistance  low space requirement due to thin wall, reel storage capability  maximum tensile and cohesive strength  no expansion under pressure  oil and petrol resistant  oil, petrol & diesel resistant suction/pressure hose type Ω/T  outstanding resistance to aging and ozone  ozone and abrasion resistance  ozone, oil resistant and weatherproof  produced using special vulcanisation method  resistant to aging and weatherproof  resistant to pressure and abrasion  sea water and ozone resistant  slightly ribbed outer cover  specially for use in very cold climates  steam up to +130 °C (approx. 30 minutes)  steam up to 130 °C  steam up to 165°C  sturdy  suction and pressure hose suitable for beer and a wide range of non-fatty foods  totally neutral odour and taste  very high continuous operating pressure possible  wide range of chemical media 
Water temp. max.
none  one braided textile insert  high tear-resistant synthetic textile insert  high tear-resistant synthetic textile insert and steel wire spiral  embedded steel wire helix  impact and pressure resistant PVC reinforcing spiral  one polyester braided insert  textile insert  high tear-resistant synthetic textile insert and copper braid  one high-tensile steel wire braided insert  one high-tensile synthetic thread braided insert  one steel wire spiral insert with copper braid  synthetic textile inserts, zinc plated steel wire spirals, copper braids  synthetic threads  two high resistant textile inserts, two steel wire spirals, and two anti-static copper braids  two high-tensile steel wire braided inserts  PES intermediate layer and two cord inserts  four high tear-resistant braided steel wires  four high tear-resistant synthetic textile inserts with copper braids  hard-PVC-spiral  high tear-resistant synthetic cord fabric  high tear-resistant synthetic textile insert, steel wire spiral and copper braid.  hochtemperaturbeständige Textileinlage  one textile braided insert and one zinc plated steel wire braided insert  one textile braided insert with copper braid  one zinc plated steel wire braided insert  rectangular PVC spiral, anthracite  spiral synthetic textile threads  spring steel wire spiral  synthetic yarn braids  two high resistant textile inserts and two anti-static copper braids  two high-tensile synthetic textile braids  two steel wire braided inserts  two synthetic thread braided inserts  two textile braided inserts  two textile insert wrapped  up to ID 19colon one polyester braided insert; from ID 20colon one rayon braided insert  very strong polyester yarn, dyed, circular woven. 
only per spool
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Connection 1 + 2
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93 Variants
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