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16 Variants

Made-to-measure bent pipes

Precision bent steel pipes from HANSA-FLEX are used in circumstances where no great movements have to be accommodated. Hydraulic pipes can be bent to relatively tight radii and are available with various types of surface treatments. Galvanised, primed, phosphate, organic and paint coatings. Because of the smooth surface of the pipe walls, steel pipes in accordance with DIN EN 10305-4 can be used for all sorts of applications. They can transport media such as heating water, water-glycol mixtures, gases, liquefied gases, hydraulic oil and air with minimised friction and pressure losses. HANSA-FLEX has many years of experience with bending, forming, swaging, widening, narrowing, beading and flanging of steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminium pipes. Because of the high dimensional accuracy of DIN EN pipes, precision steel pipes can be combined and connected with swage fittings, cutting ring or clamping ring couplings, and thick-walled pipes with many connection types by welding or brazing. The requirements of our technical conditions of delivery are checked on a regular basis and consistently implemented by HANSA-FLEX. A range of inspection documents can be provided in accordance with DIN EN 10204 – from works certificates up to acceptance inspection certificates type 3.1. Do you require a pipe to special dimensions, with an absolutely perfect surface or made to the tightest tolerances? Then you have come to the right place. We can manufacture and supply pipes with external diameters of 4 to 101.6 mm and lengths of up to 6000 mm. Our online shop has accessories and tools for anything from pipe deburring to pipe bending, allowing you to manufacture your own bent pipelines.