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Chevron ring CH2


Max. sliding velocity
  • 0.5 m/s
  • in open grooves 
  • hydraulic systems 
Construction type
  • chevron rod ring 
  • (1) thrust ring: laminated fabric-reinforced NBR 
  • (2) chevron ring: 2 x NBR + 3 x fabric-reinforced NBR 
  • (3) support ring: acetal resin / PTBR 
  • mineral oil 
  • water emulsions 
Temp. max.
  • 110 °C
Temp. min.
  • -30 °C
Working pressure
  • 500 bar
Customs tariff number
  • 40169300 
All characteristics

Product description

High temperature resistance.
For heavy working conditions such as pressure shocks, strong vibrations, poor surfaces.
Ordering information
Alternative material possible: FPM
For special operating conditions (fluid, temperature, pressure ...) please contact us.
other dimensions available on request

Product variants

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20  mm
32  mm
22.5  mm
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22  mm
34  mm
22.5  mm
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25  mm
40  mm
22.5  mm
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28  mm
43  mm
22.5  mm
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30  mm
45  mm
22.5  mm
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32  mm
47  mm
22.5  mm
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35  mm
50  mm
22.5  mm
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36  mm
51  mm
22.5  mm
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40  mm
55  mm
22.5  mm
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42  mm
57  mm
22.5  mm
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